WowWee Grimlings – Pug – Interactive Animal Toy

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Grimlings are your cute and lovable friends…Until they turn to the dark side. Beware! Turning off the lights will make your grimlings go from grin to Grim with just one spin. As their heads spin 360 degrees, their teeth will descend, and their eyes will light-up neon Red letting you know they are not to be messed with. Discover all the frightening and friendly ways they respond to your touch and Voice! These creatures also have special paws that let them hang on in different ways.

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  • Most times he’s a good boy, but he knows it’s a dog eat dog world… Beware of his ruff side!
  • From grin to grim with just One spin! Interact with your grimlings for different freighting reactions.
  • My head spins 360 degrees and my eyes light-up
  • My teeth retract! Watch out!
  • Batteries included; Each character sold separately


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